Tamara Fakhoury


Eight Dimensions of ResistancePacifism, Politics, and Feminism, ed. J. Kling, Brill: 2019.  

Oppression is a serious injustice and we ought to resist it if we can. But what does resisting it entail for each one of us, given that we are differently situated in our means, abilities, and knowledge of oppression? I argue that theories of resistance should account for mundane and less obvious forms of resistance, and not only clear cases of political activism. I present a taxonomy of features that are useful for differentiating acts of resistance and bear relevantly on their value. Acts of resistance can be differentiated by: (1) their subject: who is resisting? (2) their object: what is being resisted? (3) their goal: what values or interests does the act aim to advance or represent? And (4) their communicative aspect: does the act send a message of resistance to a public audience, or is it apolitical resistance? Finally, I argue that the features of resistance in the taxonomy are not rigid categories permitting no overlap or grey-area. I draw connections between them and show how they interact in real-world situations.

Anger, Aptness and Appreciation: An Alternative Account 

[Under Review/Redacted. Paper on non-political forms of resistance]